Police blotter

April 4, 2013

Suspicious vehicles

While undergoing routine patrols of Newcastle areas, two police officers reported seeing two suspicious vehicles in separate incidents March 1 and 2. An officer stopped a suspicious white Honda parked on a secluded driveway south of Southeast 89th Place and 133 Avenue Southeast the morning of March 2. The officers warned the driver about parking in an area marked “No Trespassing” and asked him to leave. A different officer stopped a suspicious black Honda parked in the Coal Creek Apartments, 6820 Coal Creek Parkway, the morning of March 1. Both men in the vehicle had suspended licenses, so the officer told them to park in the Safeway lot and arrange a ride home.

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Police blotter

February 28, 2013

Stolen car

Between Feb. 1 and Feb. 4, a red Honda Prelude was stolen from the parking lot of the Walkers Run Condominiums, 7453 Newcastle Golf Club Road.


Construction site theft

An extensive amount of copper wire, a ladder and a toolbox were stolen from a storage facility construction site in the 7000 block of 132nd Place Southeast between Feb. 1 and Feb. 4. Police were able to collect fingerprints at the scene.



A vehicle described as a truck or an off-road type car drove on the grass area at Beit Tikvah, 7935 136th Ave. S.E., damaging the grass and a decorative plant Feb. 2. The description of the vehicle was based on tire tracks left at the scene. The church secretary said that it is common for cars to come onto the property and race in the afternoon or evening.

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Police blotter

January 31, 2013

Icy, muddy mess

During a regular check of Lake Boren Park, 13000 S.E. 84th Way, police found a truck parked on the field, tearing up the wet and icy grass in the early hours of Jan. 5. The driver was not in the truck and upon inspection of the park, no one was in the park at all.



An unknown suspect smashed the rear passenger side window of a car parked in the 8000 block of 118th Court Southeast, causing $300 in damage, on Jan. 5. An iPod and a briefcase were also stolen from the car.

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Police blotter

January 3, 2013

Diaper duty

Two packages, including more than $80 worth of diapers, were stolen from the doorstep of a residence in the 7100 block of 119th Court Southeast on Nov. 16. The theft wasn’t reported until two weeks later, on Dec. 3.


Let there be light

An unknown suspect shattered the window of a car parked at the Parterra Condos, 13301 S.E. 79th Place, between the evening of Dec. 5 and the morning of Dec. 6. Damage to the window was estimated at $200, but other than a flashlight and some paperwork, nothing was stolen from the car.

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Police blotter

December 6, 2012

Where’s the music?

Between the evening of Nov. 2 and the afternoon of Nov. 3 an unknown suspect entered two parked cars in the 7500 block of 135th Avenue Southeast and took about 20 music CDs. There were no signs of forced entry in either vehicle.



An unknown suspect shattered a window of two different cars parked in the 8200 block of 154th Avenue Southeast between Nov. 2 and 3. A $1,500 laptop was stolen from one car, but nothing was taken from the other. The overall damage, including the laptop theft, was estimated at $2,800.

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Police Blotter

November 1, 2012

Stolen iPhone

An iPhone 4 was stolen from a locked car in the parking lot of the Castle Creek Apartments, 7000 132nd Place S.E., on Oct. 3. Someone smashed the driver’s window to gain entry into the car.


Drug use

Police responded to reports of narcotic activity by a man parked in the parking lot of QFC, 6940 Coal Creek Parkway S.E., on Oct. 4. Police found an uncapped syringe and other drug paraphernalia in the car. The man was read his rights and then said he had injected heroin and there were no narcotics left. A subsequent search yielded nothing.


Home break-in

An unknown suspect broke into a secluded home for sale in the 11000 block of Southeast 76th Street between Oct. 4 and 6. The suspect reportedly entered the residence through a bathroom window, but did not take anything.

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Police blotter

October 4, 2012

Injured raccoon

An employee at the Animal Hospital of Newport Hills reported that a man became aggressive toward her after he was told the hospital couldn’t treat an injured raccoon on Aug. 30. The man returned the next day, the employee said, and shouted obscenities at her because of the way he felt she treated him.


License plates

A resident in the 11300 block of Southeast 77th Place reported that the rear license plate was stolen from his car between Aug. 31 and Sept. 7.



An unknown suspect keyed the driver’s door of a Ford Escape in the parking lot of the QFC, 6940 Coal Creek Parkway S.E., on Sept. 3. The victim reported the damage was about $500.

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Police blotter

September 6, 2012

Surprise break-in

A cellphone, an insurance card and a vehicle binder were stolen from a car parked in the 7000 block of 122nd Avenue Southeast on Aug. 2 or 3. The victim did not realize anything had been stolen until a Bellevue police officer returned the vehicle binder which was found in a Bellevue park.


Mow the lawn

On Aug. 7, a woman reported a lawn mower was stolen from her unfenced back yard in the 11000 block of Southeast 77th Place. The woman had taken all of the items out of a shed in preparation for having it removed.


Hit the deck

The hood and fender of a Toyota was damaged after an unknown suspect threw a deck chair at the vehicle parked in the lot of the Cedar Rim Apartments on 110th Avenue Southeast on Aug. 7 or 8.

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Police Blotter

July 3, 2012

Ding dong ditch

Residents reported juveniles dumped a cup full of dog poop on their front doormat and rang the doorbell of a home in the 9200 block of 140th Avenue Southeast on May 27.

No, you lock it up

A residential burglary was reported May 29 in the 8600 block of 138th Place Southeast. There were no signs of forced entry in the incident; the rear door of the home was unlocked.

The wrong slip

A forged prescription was reported May 30 at Newcastle’s Bartell Drugs on Coal Creek Parkway.

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Police Blotter

May 31, 2012

Civic swiped

A 1994 black Honda Civic with Washington license plates was reported stolen April 25 in the 6800 block of Coal Creek Parkway.

Overdrawn account

A Newcastle woman reported April 25 that someone had been using checks to draw money out of her checking account. She became aware of the problem when she went into the Newcastle branch of Bank of America and told she was overdrawn.


A woman who lives at the Newport Crossing apartments, 7311 Coal Creek Parkway, reported her Pioneer car stereo was stolen from her vehicle, and $230 in cash was taken from her and her roommate from the apartment April 26.

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