Advertising Answers

Issaquah Press, Inc.

What newspapers does Issaquah Press Inc. publish?

The Issaquah Press
Founded in 1900, published weekly, broadsheet, 14,700 voluntary pay, mailed & home delivered
Sammamish Review
Founded in 1992, published weekly, tabloid, 14,650 free, mailed & home delivered
SnoValley Star
Founded in 2008, published weekly, tabloid, 11,000 free, mailed
Newcastle News
Founded in 1999, published monthly, tabloid, 5,100 free, mailed

What is the deadline for placing an ad?

The Issaquah Press Sammamish Review SnoValley Star Newcastle News
Proof ad copy Friday, 1 p.m. Thursday, 3 p.m. Friday, 5 p.m. 20th of each month
Reservations/non-proof copy Monday, noon Thursday, 3 p.m. Monday, 3 p.m. 20th of each month
Camera Ready materials Monday, 3 p.m. Friday, 3 p.m. Monday, 5 p.m. 25th of each month
Classified ads Monday, 3 p.m. Monday, 12 p.m. Monday, 5 p.m.
Real Estate ads Friday, noon Thursday, 3 p.m. Monday, 3 p.m.

- Early deadlines may apply on holidays -

What does an ad cost? Ad cost is based on the size of the ad (number of column inches) and the ad frequency. Call the advertising department for rate information, 425-392-6434, ext. 229, or email For classified ads, use ext. 222 or

What is a column inch? A column inch is the basic building block of all ads. It measures 1.65″ wide x 1″ tall.
A full page broadsheet is 126 col. inches (10.54″ x 21″)
A full page tabloid is 78 col. inches (10.54″ x 13″)

Who do I call to place an ad? Call 425-392-6434, ext. 229 to reach Advertising Manager, Nathan Laursen, or email him at

Can I get a discount on my ad? Yes. Our rate card has discounts built into the rates based on the total dollars you will spend during a 12-month period. We also have a 4-week rate, and a discounted rate for 501c3 non-profits or churches.We will be glad to help you develop an advertising plan that (1) fits your needs, and (2) helps you take advantage of the lowest possible ad rate.

Can you produce my ad for me? Yes. Our production department can produce your ad at no extra charge, and provide you with a proof prior to publication.

If I produce my own ad, what type of files do you accept? We accept only PDF files, and for color ads, CMYK PDF files. We accept them electronically or on disk.

Do you accept pre-printed inserts? Yes. Rates vary depending on contract level, circulation and page count. Our highest rate for up to a small page count is $66/per 1000, or 6.6ยข per piece, minimum 5,000 pieces. Call for more information.

Advertising Policies

  • The Publisher reserves the right to revise or reject, at his or her own option, any advertisement found to be objectionable, or detrimental to business.
  • The Publisher shall be under no liability for failure to publish or insert any advertising.
  • The Publisher’s liability for error shall not exceed the value of the space occupied by the error. Advertiser assumes all liability for true, factual and legal copy provided for any advertisement.
  • Advertising designed to appear as news must carry the words “Paid Advertisement” at the top of the ad in at least 7 point type and the ad must be bordered.
  • If an advertiser places less advertising than contracted, the advertiser will be charged the differential between the contract rate and the open rate.
  • Proof ads are limited to one per ad. Proofs are for the purpose of making corrections, not making copy changes or design changes. Redesigns and remakes subject to $75.00 per hour art fee.
  • Any ad canceled or redesigned after graphics work is complete will be charged a $75. per hour art fee.
  • All layouts, illustrations and composition representing the creative effort of Issaquah Press, Inc. are the sole property of the publisher and may not be reproduced without prior consent.

Credit Policies

  • All rates are net and non-commissionable, except for 15% discount allowed for national/agency rates.
  • Payment in advance is required for political ads, going-out-of-business ads, ads from outside our market area and new businesses until credit is approved. New advertisers must prepay at least first 30 days of advertising.
  • An Issaquah Press Inc. credit application must be completed and signed before credit is granted.
  • Payment accepted by cash, check, Visa or MC.
  • Commercial accounts are payable in full the 10th of the month following publication. A 1.5% monthly interest rate (18% per annum) is charged on past due accounts.
  • A $50 fee is added for NSF checks.

Production Specifications PDF files may be sent to after confirming space reservation with your advertising consultant or Advertising Manager Nathan Laursen, Convert all RGB files to CYMK before creating PDF.We use 85 line screen and 300 dpi for photos.

All process color ads should be converted to CYMK.

Acceptable art for use by our production department includes TIFF or JPEG files.
TIFF files must have Macintosh encoding.

Convert all Photoshop files to JPEG or TIFF before sending.

DO NOT send any Quark, Illustrator, Publisher or other native files. All should be sent in PDF format.

Page sizes
The Issaquah Press: 6 columns wide by 21″
Sammamish Review: 6 columns wide by 13″
SnoValley Star: 6 columns wide by 13″
Newcastle News: 6 columns wide by 13″


Display ad widths:
1 col. 1.65 inches
2 col. 3.43 inches
3 col. 5.20 inches
4 col. 6.98 inches
5 col. 8.76 inches
6 col. 10.54 inches

Classified ad widths:
1 col. 1.65 inches
2 col. 3.43 inches
3 col. 5.20 inches
4 col. 6.98 inches
5 col. 8.76 inches
6 col. 10.54 inches

Preprint Specifications

  • One advertiser per insert unless approved by publisher
  • Minimum 5,000 pieces
  • 2% spoilage required for all inserts
  • Issaquah Press: Rates apply up to 24 page tab add $5 per thousand 28-32 pages; add $7.50 per thousand 36-48 pages
  • Sammamish Review and SnoValley Star: rates apply up to 8 page tab. Add $10/M for 12-20 tab pages; add $15/M for 24-32 tab pages.
  • $50 version charge for partial routes
  • .007″ minimum thickness; 11″x10.50″ maximum size; 5.75″ x 4.5″ minimum size
  • Inserts must be prepaid until credit is established with Issaquah Press, Inc.
  • Skid packed inserts please. Avoid tied bundles
  • Inserts must be delivered by Friday prior to publication to

Rotary Offset Press, 6600 South 231st, Kent, WA 98032, ph: 253-813-9900