Newcastle woman honors father in Seattle Brain Cancer Walk

October 9, 2011

Kelly Dowell (left) celebrates Christmas with her mother and father, the year before he was diagnosed with brain cancer. Contributed

Kelly Dowell’s father was healthy.

He ran marathons at age 60.

He worked and traveled around the world for The Boeing Co. for 30 years.

He had just traveled home to Newcastle after receiving his marine surveying license in Florida.

But in 2008, Dowell got a call she can’t erase from her mind.

Come home immediately, her mother told her.

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Area students named to UW dean’s list

October 9, 2011

The following students from Newcastle were recently named to the dean’s list for the spring quarter of 2011 at the University of Washington:

Matthew Betsch, Tiffany Chau, Lauren Colyer, Shahrzad Dow, Bernard Ellouk, Stephen Heppler, Kenneth Ishikawa, Jessica Kim, Rebecca Lau, Mary Lebeau, Kendrick Lentini, Jessica Li, Jiaqi Liang, Tami Mason, Paul Nichols, Brandon Nudelman, Svetlana Petkova, Zachary Adam Pritchett, Rebecca Queitzsch, Sydney Safley, Teodora Stoica, Nathan Tat, Diem To, Sam Trautman, Mika Tsuboi and James Wang.

To qualify, students must have a grade point average of at least 3.5.

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Volunteer joins eye care group headed to serve Ghanaian poor

October 9, 2011

Elice Kim

As an ophthalmic assistant at a multispecialty ophthalmology practice in Seattle, Newcastle resident Elice Kim knows how important accessible eye care can be.

This month, Kim will spend 15 days in Ghana’s capital city of Accra to work with eye clinics associated with Unite for Sight, a global organization that offers comprehensive eye care in areas where underprivileged people lack access to adequate medical care.

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Moonshine memories still linger in Newcastle

October 9, 2011

The revenuers came to arrest Frank Martin’s dad in 1948.

Rumor has it that this still, displayed during the annual Newcastle Days, once belonged to former Newcastle resident Lee Martin. Lee’s son, Frank Martin, estimates that between the 1940s until the early 1950s, he helped his father make almost 10,000 gallons of moonshine near their Newcastle home. Contributed

Alerted by a disgruntled neighbor, several cars filled with federal agents anxious to find an illegal moonshine still swarmed up the Martins’ dirt driveway that Saturday morning in Newcastle.

“They tore the place apart trying to find something,” Frank said. “They searched the chicken coop, looked in the pig pen, checked the garden — they even inspected our furnace.”

The agents even questioned Martin.

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Newcastle couple named Washingtonians of the Year

October 9, 2011

Retired Seahawks fullback Mack Strong and the executive director of HOPE worldwide Washington, Zoë Higheagle-Strong, were honored as recipients of the Association of Washington Generals’ annual “Washingtonian of the Year” award.

Lt. Governor Brad Owen emceed the Sept. 17 event at Seahawks headquarters to celebrate the married couple’s accomplishments.

The award recipients are residents of Newcastle.

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Laughing all the way: Zombieland: Newcastle

September 2, 2011

I’ve always been missing a few vital brain synapses. My friends and family are well aware of this, most especially The Sainted One, who is forced to bail me out on a regular basis. This would be a whole lot funnier if there weren’t unsubstantiated rumors of Alzheimer’s in my bloodline. But when I do something brainless and ask The Sainted One if he’s worried about me, his response is always the same: “How could I tell if you have a problem? You’ve always been this way.”

For years I’ve pretended that my fogginess is just a sign of a certain kind of genius — something like Einstein not being able to dress himself — but now I’m starting to wonder. Am I, in fact, a zombie in search of a total brain replacement? Witness a recent trip to town:

I was proudly carrying my new organizational over-the-shoulder bag, a bag made specifically for folks like me, or so my girlfriend told me when she gifted me with it: a pouch for your phone, a pocket for your money or credit cards, a special place for your keys. Thus armed, how could I go wrong? Let me count the ways …

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Sunshine Day Camp returns for summer

August 6, 2011

Sunshine Day Camp, run entirely by local teenagers, will be back again this year, from Aug. 8-12 at the Lake McDonald Club House.

For $20, children who are potty-trained and up to age 8 can enjoy a week of snacks, games, water activities and lunch.

“We are having special guests throughout the week, including a hip-hop teacher and possibly a clown or magician,” said founder Sada Adams, 14.

Adams started the camp in 2008 at age 11.

The camp runs from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. each day, and all profits will be donated to the American Diabetes Association. Camp organizers ask parents to pay more than $20 if they can to help support the cause.

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Laughing all the way – 10 things I learned about house remodeling (and lived to share)

August 5, 2011

1 If you are not actually changing the footprint of your kitchen, then according to my status-conscious friends, it’s not really a “remodel.” But you know what? No matter what you call it, it’s still a big, giant pain in the butt.

2 If you can’t find your favorite 15-year-old cutting board a month after moving all of your stuff from the kitchen cabinets to the garage and back, then just face it, honey — it’s gone.

3 If the brand new refrigerator has an irritating whine when it runs, your significant other will claim that he can’t hear it at all, which I find very hard to believe.

4 If you’ve had knobs on your drawers for years, consider adding them to your new cabinetry or risk fingernail loss from trying to pry the cabinets open.

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Hazen High School pool to be open next year

August 5, 2011

The Hazen High School pool will be open for the 2011-2012 school year.

Community donations poured in this spring, surpassing the $60,000 needed to keep the Hazen and Lindbergh high school pools open next year.

“I am really pleased that the community effort has been a success,” said Chris Carlson, Renton Pools Community organizer.

As of Newcastle News’ June 28 deadline, the total amount raised was $69,000. With employee matching funds from The Boeing Co. and Microsoft, organizers expect the total to reach $72,000.

The largest contributor was the Bellevue Club Swim Team Boosters, which donated $10,000. The organization Hazen Beyond the Basics, the Issaquah Swim Team and Wiegardt Brothers Inc. also donated several thousand dollars each toward the cause.

Carlson said members of the Renton Pools Community will meet this fall to determine the fundraising target for the 2012-2013 school year. He said he expects the target to be much lower next year, as increased usage and fees have brought in more revenue.

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Liberty graduate takes command of Navy ship

August 5, 2011

Cmdr. Matthew Roberts, son of Beverley and Paul Roberts, formerly of Issaquah, has assumed command of the Everett-based destroyer, USS Momsen DDG-92. A 1988 graduate of Liberty High School, Roberts was a commanding officer in Liberty’s NJROTC program.

Matthew Roberts

Roberts attended the University of Arizona with a Navy ROTC scholarship and was commissioned in 1993 after receiving his Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering. He has since received his Master of Arts degree in organizational management from George Washington University and graduated from the War College at Newport, R.I., as the Halsey Scholar with a Master of Arts in national security and strategic studies.

Roberts has served as a military assistant in the Bureau of African Affairs with the U.S. State Department and as a Special Assistant in the Chief of Naval Operations Strategic Actions Group.

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