City Council eyes options for unsafe intersection

August 4, 2011

The Newcastle City Council will vote this month on the construction of a median near the intersection of Newcastle Way and Coal Creek Parkway to prevent cars from passing buses as passengers are loading.

City Council members proposed building a median because they were concerned that the current double line, signifying that drivers may not use the oncoming traffic lane to pass, was not enough to deter people from trying anyway. The issue was given to the city’s Public Works Department to review.

“It was their perception that it was unsafe,” Public Works Development Engineer Kerry Sullivan said. “We looked at it under engineer analysis and determined several options that will be presented at the City Council meeting.”

Sullivan described the first option as a C-curb median beginning at the intersection of Newcastle Way and Coal Creek Parkway. The 6-by-12 yellow curb would not obstruct any driveways.

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