I love a coincidence: Mystery solved

October 18, 2010

When I was young enough to read until 2 a.m. and then go to work all chipper the next day, I was a Robert Ludlum fan. I would suck in his big books like beer at a boring party.

There was a single piece of music that I listened to as I read these, and this was before iPods and CDs and “repeat” buttons, so it required me to actually get up off of my butt and move the needle back to the beginning of the LP when it was over. (Students, please see Wikipedia for explanation.) It was Handel’s “Water Music,” and I listened to it so much that I’m convinced that if given a baton and a willing orchestra with a great sense of humor, I could conduct it today.

So, you can imagine the thrill that ran up my spine when I read an essay about Robert Ludlum’s writing habits and the fact that there was only one piece of music that he listened to as he wrote, one and one only, over and over:

“Elvira,” by the Oak Ridge Boys. No, seriously … it was Handel’s “Water Music.”

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